Mountain View Pack Goats

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About us

Hello and welcome to our little place on the web.

We live in the very Northern part of California. Just a few hours away from the Oregon border. We have lots of places to hike and pack, from right out back to an hours drive, to a few hours. We can hike mountains, volcano's and the coastal region.

We get a little snow, lots of rain during winter and LOTS of triple digits in our long HOT summers.

We got started in goats mainly just to have real milk and to try to cut out as many chemicals from our diet as we could.

 Well, it didn't take us very long to find out how wonderful these little critters are! We went from 3 to 9 in a short period of time.  We went from just milkers and pets to a little showing in 4-H with the kids to hiking, packing and carting, and now I am a County Wide 4-H leader for pack goats.  We also helped start up our local pack goat club in our area, the Shasta Pack Goat Club.

 We hike and pack with our milk does and our wethers. We usually have babies every spring and so we always have babies in training and we  take them along with us on short hikes.

Our goal is to breed nice big strong pack goats that are structurally correct, super friendly and will work all day and hopefully add some flash, LOL!.

Thanks to Charlie Goggins and Debbie Waligorski, we got our start in our awesome line by useing a Goggins buck and after a few years of strict culling, we have been getting really awesome babies

We have always tested for CAE and CL and our herd has always tested Negative. We only buy from herds that test yearly and test Negative.  We have started testing for Johne's and Brucellosis and our herd was Negative. 

We follow a strict CAE preventative program. All our babies are pulled at birth and bottle fed on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk.

Besides hiking and packing with our goats, we have our dairy girls and we drink the wonderful milk, make soft cheeses and Mozzarella and we also make our own goats milk soap.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so at 

Sales Policy

 "Mountain View Pack Goats only breeds on a limited basis to provide you with the best quality packer we can."

"While reservations are exclusive, if we cannot meet your packing needs, we have networked in with other select breeders of pack lines and may be able to meet your reservation from that network".

"Wethers that don't meet our stringent conformational and temperament requirements for an exceptional packer are available in groups for brushing and fire control; and enjoy the same quality breeding and health as our packers!"

Ages: 1 week to 1 month of age = $100.00 - $150.00

Ages 1 to 3 months = $150.00 - $250.00

Ages 3 to 5 months of age = $250.00 - $350.00

Castration offered after 4 months old and buyer will be charged what I am charge.            

Dis budding offered for Free, I can not guarantee no scurs.

We test the adult animals once a year for CAE and CL and do random testing which includes things like Johne's and Brucolissis.

Our breeders that we net work with are also CAE and CL Neg.

We also offer to board pack prospects to allow buyers time to get everything in order before they pick up their new packers. The price is $50.00 per month per prospect and needs to be paid monthly with a set pick up date agreed upon.


Can done by one of our two vets. One way is done surgically and the testicles are cut off under sedation (we suggest fall or later for this for less fly strike problems), or, the second way is banded with a Callicrate Bander. These are offered at the request of the buyer with the fee being paid up front. Castration can be done at any age but for proper urinary track development, it should be done at least at the 4-6 month mark, but the older the better. Here, we castrate our own prospects at 10 months to a year or older.


Mountain View's buck and doe kids will be disbudded unless you request horns left on prior to or within the first few days of birth. After this time, the base of the horns are often to large to be done without the assistance of a vet. No Scurs, can be guaranteed. We do a three circle burn to help minimize this, but one of the draw backs to later castrations, is that the buck hormones make for scurs and horn regrowth sometimes. We keep a close eye and will reburn if necessary. We do our own dis budding and sometimes we have our vet do the disbudding.

Our net work breeders usually disbud, so if you want horns on one of these kids, I need to know asap and fees need to be paid in full up front. No- Monies back if you change your mind.


Currently we mainly offer Alpine Crosses and sometimes full blooded Alpines. Our main pack cross is a mostly Alpine with Saanen, Nubian, Toggenburg and a touch of Boer.

Our Net Work Breeders have Alpine with Saanen or Sable crosses, Full Blood Alpines, Full Blood Saanens, Full Blood large LaManchas and Full Blood or crosses of Nubians from a large working line of Nubians. Alpine and Sannens crossed with boer bred for size and flash of color!

When to buy:

Mountain View Pack Goat typically breeds to kid out in March through May.

Our net work breeders typical breeding season runs from January to May.

Pack prospect kids are available from anytime in that time frame till sold out.

Waiting list:

There is a waiting list available for those that want first pick on this years kid crop. We reserve the right to retain any kid for herd replacement. Buyers are responsible for health papers, crates, and costs for transporting. We prefer that you come pick up the kid in person so you can see the relatives, but we realize that is not always possible.


Our pack goat prospects (bucklings) are hand picked for size, conformation, and temperament. All babies are pulled at birth and bottle fed on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. Mountain View Babies are taken for short trail walks and work up to longer walks depending on how long they are here. This is part of their basic training.


Mountain Views Babies, Basic Training, consists of short trail hikes working up to longer trail hikes to help condition and strengthen the kids instinct to follow. This will also get them used to places other than their own surroundings. We start them on water training as bottle babies in small wader pools and work up to creek crossings. Our kids are also taken in various vehicles/transportation’s to different types of hiking situations for more exposure trainings.

Please keep in mind, that basic training is just that, basic. Any training will need to be continued by the buyer.

Sometimes we get some of our network breeders babies at various ages from birth to a little older, and once here, they are then put in the same training program along with our own kids.

We sometimes offer doelings for sale, and our doelings are put through the same training and care as our bucklings. We, ourselves, pack with does. Our does are normally large, at around 200 pounds and up..

If you would like to add a Mountain View Pack Goat baby or some other really nice pack prospect baby, please contact us at: